Case Screening

  • Screen medical cases to prevent expense on non-meritorious lawsuits.
  • Identify key players involved in the case.

Case Reports

  • Generate comprehensive yet succinct reports and chronologies that focus on significant medical events and how they play a role in the overall case analysis.
  • Determine the deviations from the standards of care and hospital policy.

EMR Review

  • Analyze the electronic medical record (EMR) with a fine-toothed comb to determine any deviations from the standards of care or tampering of the medical chart.
  • Review imaging & medical records for accuracy.

Locate Expert Witnesses

  • Locate the best expert witnesses to strengthen the credibility of your case.
  • Use of unbiased medical professionals who testify for both plaintiffs and defendants.

Assist with Discovery

  • Prepare interrogatories and requests for production. Produce questions for deposition or trial examination (direct or cross).
  • Aid in the preparation of exhibits and other demonstrative evidence.
  • Interview & prepare witnesses for trial.
  • Attend medical examinations.
  • Conduct focused medical literature research.

Medical Cost Projections

  • Determine costs of diagnosis and treatment.
  • Assess for future medical complications from diagnosis.
  • Determine if long-term care is appropriate.
  • Acquire costs of follow-up lab work, imaging, and the analysis.

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