Evin J. Howard, PhD, MSN, FNP-BC, APRN, CLNC

Dr. Howard has worked in the medical field since 2002 when he first conducted research on HIV and cancer. He has experience as a Medical/Surgical bedside nurse, a nurse practitioner in Family Medicine, a hospitalist in the Neurological Intensive Care Unit (ICU), a data analyst in the pharmaceutical industry within the department of Drug Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics, and as a hospitalist on the Medical/Surgical floor. He currently practices as a nurse practitioner hospitalist and stays informed of the latest changes within the medical arena.


Dr. Howard graduated with a B.S in biology from Brandeis University, where he studied biochemistry and biology. Later, he attended The University of Massachusetts (UMass), obtaining his B.S in nursing with the status of magna cum laude. At UMass, he continued his nurse practitioner degree in family medicine. Upon graduating with his MSN in family medicine, he went on to Northeastern University, and achieved his PhD in nursing. While working towards his PhD, he received additional medical training at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Children’s Hospital Boston, where he completed his dissertation.